Welcome To Mount Mourne Fire Department

Mount Mourne Fire Department is located in the southern end of Iredell County. We proudly protect about 6000 people living in an area of 25 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a private department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status and we provide both basic medical responder and fire protection services. We have an ISO rating of 7.


The History Of The Mount Mourne Volunteer Fire Department

On March 17, 1955 the Mount Mourne Fire Department was chartered. There were 9 members elected to a Board of Directors. And 4 members elected to a community relations board. In April of 1955 there were arrangements made by the committee to ask homeowners for dues in the community. The decided cost was $5.00 per year per homeowner.










In May of 1955 2 board members went to the county commissioners with a petition for a truck. A truck was given to the department, a Dodge pumper that had been used by the Troutman Fire Department. It was up to the membership

to equip the truck. It was up to to Chief

and Assistant chief to go to the community and ask for men interested in being fireman. There were 20 men selected. Then the by-laws were created by 3 of the members. Training was to be taken with the Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Statesville and Mooresville departments. A Ladies Auxiliary was formed at this time also.


Next would be a building to house the equipment in. In August of 1955 a 2 bay building was built. In 1956 a 1936 Dodge truck was purchased from Pepsi-Cola Company. This truck was a 1000-gallon tanker truck used to haul water. The firemen equipped it. During these years there was no alarm system so people in the community were given names and numbers of the firemen to call in case of need. Once one member was called he would call someone else and that person would call someone. These were the hard times. During this time the firemen and ladies auxiliary would have hot dog sales as well as an annual barbecues. Which were held in the Mount Mourne School cafeteria.


In may 1958 it was decided to map out an area for which the fire department would be responsible. This was decided to be a 4-mile radius from the station house. An alarm system was the next priority. In 1962 an air horn was installed. This was used until 1974 when an electric 10 horsepower siren was installed. In 1967 radios were installed in the trucks, with base radio at station and 9 members having monitors. In 1979 additional monitors were purchased there were now 22 monitors in the department. The average number of calls in a year was 22.












In 1964 a second pumper was bought. This was a new Dodge pumper with pumping capacity of 750 gallons. A 1969 Ford truck was purchased to supply water with a 1200-gallon tank installed. In 1975 a new factory built Ford Tanker was purchased with capacity of 1200 gallons. In March 1977 a 1975 brush buggy was purchased. And a 1962 Ford Van to haul equipment in was purchased. In 1975 another addition of 2852 square feet was added to house all of the equipment purchased. The fire rating was increased to 9a 1974.


Since the department has been charted there has been 7 chiefs: George Woodfin 1955-1956, Lewis Edmiston 1956-1967, Charles E King 1967-1971, Phiefer Johnson 1971-1980, Steve Knox 1980-2004, Blake Lawing 2004-2006, and Jeff Richardson from 2006 to present. In 1979 they started the junior fireman program with an original 15 Jr's.

When the department was chartered in 1955, there were approximately 450 dwellings and businesses. In 1984 a new Ford pumper was bought to serve the needs of the growing community now up to about 1500 dwellings, businesses and several industries. In 1989 a new Mack tanker was purchased. In 1985 a medical first responder program was created, the second of such in the county and in 1991 a Ford Explorer was purchased, with grant money from the Lowrance Hospital, to respond with equipment needed for medical calls. We were the first department in Iredell County to have Automatic Defibrillators on our first responder vehicle. In 1994 a new Ford brush truck was purchased. In 1996 another tanker / pumper was purchased. The older tankers were taken out of service and sold. In 2000 the 1964 dodge was removed from service and sold.  Also in 2000 the Board of Directors approved a request from Fire Chief Steve Knox to employ one part-time firefighter position to work Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 5PM.  Being the first volunteer department in Iredell County to staff during business hours, many departments followed suit and now all volunteer departments in Iredell County, with the exception of a few, have part-time firefighters.  A second part-time position was added in July 2004.  In 2001 a Spartan/Marion pumper was purchased for the now growing over 5000 dwellings, businesses and industries in the area. We now have an ISO rating of 7 and respond to about 500 fire and medical calls per year.

















Now since we have grown in the past years we are constructing a new station on 11 acres of pre-revolutionary war property dating back to around 1764 that was purchased in 2001 just south of the old station at the corner of Hobbs Lane and Mecklenburg Highway. A new fire station for our growing community was constructed on this property and in January of 2004 we dedicated our building to the community.


We now have about 35 members, 18 of whom are Emergency Medical Technicians, a junior firefighter program with 10 up and coming firefighters, and support from our ladies Shadow Team serving our community. In July of 2005 a new truck was ordered to replace some older equipment we have and should be delivered in late 2006.


......All of this has taken place by dedication of hard working firefighters, their families, and support from our community